It is the policy of Dual Metallising Limited to continually improve a Quality Management System, which conforms to ISO 9001 and all applicable requirements.

Dual Metallising Limited regularly reviews its policies and processes to ensure they are appropriate to the purpose and context of the organisation. To support its strategic direction Dual Metallising Limited will determine risks and opportunities that affect its Quality Management System.

The Company is committed towards Customer Satisfaction and will set, measure, action Customer feedback, its Quality Objectives and targets to enable it to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

The Company is committed to supplying products in a manner which meets contractual and legislative requirements, which are delivered on time and with the ultimate aim of supplying zero defects.

The Company’s commitment toward Quality is communicated to all levels of the organisation and recognises the importance of each employee’s personal input. It encourages a culture of continuous process

improvement throughout the business to achieve quality products and services.

Our Quality Objectives are delivered through Management Review and the understanding of the needs and expectations of our customers. It is our intent to become Leaders in the Industry for vacuum metallising, plastic injection moulding and spray painting for a range of markets including but not limited to retail, brewing and automotive.

The Quality Management System is subject to evaluation from trusted certification bodies to demonstrate to our customers, competitors, suppliers, staff and investors that we are committed to being the best we can be.

Dual Metallising Limited recognises that the success of the Quality Programme is vital to ensure the future prosperity of the company and its employees.