Vacuum Metallising

We have three vacuum metallising systems which offer a range of techniques from a standard deposition process to a state of the art plasma or in process with silicone protection, which has become the hallmark for automotive reflectors.

All our systems are fully automated ensuring accurate replication throughout our processes. Our size capacities range from the smallest of items to a maximum of 560mm x 960mm when using a rotating planetary process. We can often metallise larger items please contact us for a quote or to discuss your project.

We offer:
•    An “ionic gaseous plasma” facility providing superior surface preparation prior to aluminium deposition
•    Polymeric layering can be incorporated within the Vacuum Metallising process to provide post metallising protection
•    A metallising solution for a range of substrates including glass
•    Fast response times with high quality output
•    A full prototype and trial service to pilot new products and techniques
•    Highly efficient and modern processes and machinery
•    Applying an automatic base lacquer and flow coating to most substrates

Metallising to Glass Substrates

Dual Metallising can plate many shapes, sizes and types of glass from a candleholder or tumbler to globes often used in lighting. Many glass items will need a special production jig to keep them steady during the process, due to the fragile nature of the parts. Dual can run both large and small quantities of glass items in addition to multiple substrates including metal and plastic.

Our Vacuum Metallising process combined with moulding and finishing systems empower us to control, monitor and quality assure projects from manufacture to completion of finished products.
Visit our gallery to view the Metallised range.