It is possible to vacuum metallise with aluminium on to glass and ceramics by using traditional lacquering systems or plasma. We prefer the Plasma System because using specially formulated base lacquers on parts of an unusual shape can cause unpredictable results.

Plasma treatment is a versatile finishing technique, the process is as follows:
•    Items are loaded onto dedicated jigs, making sure parts are as clean as possible
•    Jigs are placed into the twin door plasma or metallising machine, at the correct vacuum, plasma is applied with very high voltage causing the plasma to pass across the parts and through the chamber wall, cleaning and preparing the substrates ready for conventional metallising
•    Medium vacuum and normal vacuum metallising is performed with the machine
•    At this stage the parts can be removed from the chamber and proceed to standard top lacquering
•    Alternatively the products can be left in the plasma machine for polymerisation using silicone plasma as a top protector depending on customer requirements