Spray PaintingDual’s spray painting process is engineered by our Spray Painting Operatives who boast 40 years’ experience within the trade. Our expert team spray a broad spectrum of items making this process the most versatile form of enhancing plastic substrates. Development and investment have enabled us to specialise in spraying painting onto glass and metal products. The process begins with designing customised jigs for the product to incorporate holding points. These holding points will ensure the entire surface of the substrate is covered when spray painting or applying lacquer without damaging the product. Once spray painted the product is then left to dry and thoroughly tested with a robust quality control process before it is packaged and shipped to the customer.

The finishing of the product is directed by the customer, some customers prefer a chrome effect and some customers opt for a different colour tinted effect. The tinted effect is achieved by adding special dye colours with a mix of red, orange and yellow concentrated dyes into compatible top lacquers. These are then mixed to achieve the desired colour and spray painted by either automated or hand application.

Due to the increase in demand of spray painting orders, we are having a second spray booth installed in March. The new and modern features will enable our Spray Painting Operatives to quickly and efficiently complete the process and manage larger orders.

Below is a list of some of the items we have spray painted for our clients:

  • Battery covers
  • Beer pump mouldings
  • Beer pump clips
  • Speaker cones

You can view pictures of our spray painted products by visiting our gallery.

For more information on spray painting visit our website or for a quote email us at info@dual-metallising.co.uk.