David Brown Badge

Dual assist Total Plastics Ltd in adding the finer touches to the David Brown badge that sits proudly on the David Brown tractors and Aston Martin grille.

Total Plastics Ltd manufacture emblems of many British cars such as Rover, Jaguar and the David Brown tractor (as well as a couple for DB Aston Martin cars). In recent years the popularity of vintage tractors has boomed, with more wealthy townies buying small holdings, and the retired steam fair boys are also keeping the market alive. Hence a modest need for a nice shiny badge to take pride of place in the grille.

Although Total Plastics Ltd were doing a fantastic job of manufacturing the David Brown badge they struggled to add details such as the chrome outline. Total Plastics Ltd contacted Dual to see if we were able to help. When Dual took the project on we first tested the David Brown badge to ensure it could sustain the motion of our processes. Once the badges had been tested, customised jigs and holding points were made to hold the badge in our vacuum metallsing chambers. This is a crucial part of our process, the jigs and holding points are carefully designed to ensure that the jig holds the badges correctly without covering the rear of the badge where the chrome effect is required. Once the correct jig is made, tested and fitted the David Brown badge is put into our vacuum metallising chambers and finished with lacquer. The lacquer is sprayed onto the badge to protect the colour and chrome effect. Dual were able to achieve a high quality chrome effect and brighten the colour of the badge adding to the premium David Brown brand.

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